The First Step from Lokomotiv Moscow to Arsenal London: Preobrazhenie and Neposedy Teams Reach the Final

The participants of the Future Depends on You competition kicked off a big football day at RZD Arena. Before the 1/8 Final Europa League match between Lokomotiv Moscow and Atletico Madrid, kids from orphanages played to win a pass to the final stage of the 14th Russian nationwide competition for teams from orphanages and children’s homes held by MegaFon since 2005. 120 boys and girls from 9 social institutions played on Lokomotiv’s training field. Neposedy, a team from Balashikha, and Preobrazhenie, a team from Yegoryevsk, were the winners in the senior and junior categories respectively. These teams will go to the final that will be held in Sochi this April.

The Future Depends on You is the largest nationwide project for orphans, designed to support their physical development and socialization and to help them find homes. With support from the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Education Ministry, Sport Ministry and Russian Football Union, the championship has opened up new horizons for more than 39,000 kids. The main prize of the tournament is a trip to the training ground of Arsenal in London, and a football match against peers from the Arsenal youth academy.

Decree of Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev dated 27 February 2018 included the Future Depends on You competition into the list of recommended public events aimed at the development of the mass amateur football and promotion of physical culture and sports in Russia. Upon this basis, regional qualifiers, as well as the participation of the winning teams in the Russian nationwide final, will be supported by the senior executive departments of the Russian government.

As usual, the struggle for victory was toughly fought. The junior champions were decided based on goal difference. There were 3 teams that scored equal points, but Preobrazhenie from Yegoryevsk demonstrated the best goal difference. The junior team from Balashikha let in 1 goal more. As a result, Preobrazhenie will go to the final in Sochi. However, the Balashikha team will also visit the final event. In the senior group, Neposedy’s players were highly confident about winning the tournament. They scored 29 goals in 5 games and didn’t let in a single goal! In the final game, Neposedy met with Sparta, and managed to pull out a victory by the end of the match, scoring 2 goals.

MegaFon CEO Sergey Soldatenkov commented: «I’m pleased to congratulate the strongest players at the Moscow tournament! You’ve been working hard for the games, and today you’ve showed us your best. Now in Sochi, you will play with Russia’s top footballers and fight for the main prize — a trip to Arsenal in London. I firmly believe that this victory is only the first step to your new horizons both in sport and in life. Your future starts today and it depends only on you!»

Before the Moscow tournament, Sports Minister Pavel Kolobkov also sent his message to the participants: «This competition is becoming increasingly popular and widespread each year, and its participants share a passion for sport and victory. I’m sure that commitment to results, fair play and teamwork will be the key to their success!»

The Moscow regional competition of the Future Depends on You is now using a new logo. The key visual element of the logo is the corporate super emblem consisting of three equally sized dots that symbolize endless opportunities, continuity and dialogue, and resemble a football pitch’s markings.

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In 2018, the Future Depends on You football championship for teams from orphanages and children’s homes will use a new logo. MegaFon has been arranging this championship for 13 years. The key visual element of the logo is the corporate super emblem consisting of three equally sized dots that symbolize endless opportunities, continuity and dialogue, also resembling the markings of a football pitch.


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