From Sochi to London: the prize for the winners of the XII Football tournament Future Depends On You will be a trip to the capital of the UK

Sochi, May 29, 2017. The 12th Future Depends On You open Russian nationwide football tournament for teams from orphanages and boarding schools, organized since 2005 by MegaFon with the support of the Football union of Russia, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Ministry of Sports, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation and Football for Kids charity foundation, ended this year in Sochi. The unexpected rainfall on the final day of the competition could not wash away the football passion on the fields of Sputnik-sport stadium. Boys from the Orsk orphanage of the Orenburg region (junior age category) and Shatalov orphanage of the Smolensk region (senior age category) raised the champions’ cups over their heads.

This year over 150 girls and boys aged 12–15 from 19 teams from Russia, Tajikistan and South Ossetia competed in the final round. For many years the main prize has been a trip to the capital of Great Britain to meet the players of Arsenal football club. The winners will be able to talk to the famous Arsenal couch Wenger, play a friendly match with the English club’s junior team and see the most famous London sights. The teams will also represent the country at the international stage of the Tournament that for the first time will take place in Moscow in the autumn of 2017.

Teams Nadezhda from Kazan and Yunior from Ochersk, Perm region in the junior and senior age categories respectively, received a year of training with the leading coaches of the Yunior children’s football school, a partner of the games in Sochi since 2016, as well as a full set of equipment for practices. Football Union of Russia awarded every team with balls, t-shirts and signature spoon clappers.

Final games and the journey to the play-offs were different for the two teams. The team from Orenburg was a true shocker: they have not been the frontrunners in any of the playoffs, but have unfailingly brought the rivals into despair. First, in the quarter-final they knocked out Totem, a team from Krasnodar that was predicted to be the tournament winner, in an insanely heated-up after-match shootout. «Yes, everyone betted on Krasnoyarsk, but, as they say, the field is green, the ball is round,» — briefly commented Berik Faizylin, the coach of the team that stirred it all up. «Our goal is to get to the prizes, and we are on it.»

In the semi-finals, Orenburg was greeted by another favourite — Stavropol’s specialized boarding school no.14. The southerners looked more powerful. But, no wonder they say that the order beats the class. «Tough it out and bear it, Misha»- was saying Berik Haydarfovich, barely containing himself. And the boys followed through, with Vlad Zubachev and Mikhail Zhamshin finding their chances on the attack and bringing home the victory — 2:1.

The finale was expected to be a battlefield, but it surpassed all expectations. As predicted, against the underdogs from Orsk came the team Navryz from the boarding school of Shahrinav region in Tajikistan with their main star Zieviddin Karimov, who was already awarded as the best player of the Tournament last year. The team’s fans and partners nicknamed him Messi, but he himself wants to be like Neymar. «We must win», - said confidently Hamza Pirov, the head coach of Navryz.

However, Orenburg players have studied the opponent well, and completely shut down Hamza Priov’s prodigy. Tajik Messi that did after all score one ball in the final game, got trumped by an Orenburg Ronaldo — Vlad Zybachev, who scored a double. The second goal was truly phenomenal — Vlad did a roundhouse kick into the far corner. But he honestly admitted that it was not without luck. 2:1 and the Orenburg team will now have a pleasant headache — they will have to pack their suitcases for London. «I just really want to go to London,» — smiled afterwards Vlad, who was named the best player in the junior age category. «I don’t understand anything yet, complete exhaustion,» — apologized the head coach of the winning team, Berik Faizyllin. «The dream came true — we are going to London!» — he said, running off to hug his fosterlings, while the Tajik boys were wiping tears with their national flag.

Cosmic football of the Galaktika team

The journey of the Smolensk players to their finale was not any easier. First, they slightly outperformed team Neposedy from the Moscow region (1:0), then in the semi-finals they beat a very strong team from Tajikistan — 2:1. The win over Dusti team (which translates as «friendship») was brought by the precise kicks of Rustam Prokofyev and Andrey Galuzin. Jumping ahead, let’s mention Vladimir Petrov along with them. This attacking trio tore up the defenses of rivals all throughout the tournament.

Ossetian team Bars presented itself as a very serious opponent, but Galaktika players had a different opinion of this matter. First, Vladimir Petrov opened the score with a long-range kick, and then, as a result of a fantastically played combination with his partner and best friend Andrey Galuzin, scored the second goal. The third goal at the Bars team that lost its grin by then, was scored by Galuzin himself. The only thing that the guests from the Republic of South Ossetia managed was a consolation goal. «Oh, there is no strength to rejoice, we are very tired, played three matches after all,» — apologized the hero of the finale Vladimir Petrov after the final whistle. «Where does this teamwork with Andrey Galuzin come from? It’s easy — we are best friends. I deliver him a pass, then he passes one to me. I don’t plan to be a football player, I must admit. I want to become a good doctor. You have to be realistic. But it’s good that we get to go to London now, maybe we will beat Arsenal!».

For the second consecutive year the first theme park in the country Sochi Park became the partner of the final stage of the Tournament. To boost courage and create combative mood before the play-offs, all participants of the tournament were invited to the Sochi Park after the first day of the competition. The children visited entertainment venues, rode amusement rides, watched a show at the dolphinarium, checked out an exhibition of giant sand sculptures and a multimedia presentation at the Fountain Theater.

Nine federal information partners provide a broad coverage of the Tournament events: TV channels Russia-24, and MATCH-TV, sports news agency R-Sports, Sovsport. Football magazine, Sport FM radio, sports resource Championship, news and information portal VESTI.RU, news portal in photographs BigPicture.ru and Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia. Not only do Tournament partners cover all the stages of the championship in detail, but also provide special prizes for participants. For instance, sports resource Championship picked the MVP (Most Valuable Player) — Nikita Smirnov from the Orenburzhye team from Orsk. TV channel MATCH-TV awarded the «Best coaches of the final stage» — Alexey Petrov and Sergey Hramov from team Nadezhda from Kazan. Federation of Sports Journalists of Russia awarded the «Fair Play» prize to the team that showed the most respect for the opponent during the football games.

The prize went to Navruz from the Republic of Tajikistan.

The Top Three (Junior age category)

  1. Orenburzhye (Orphanage GKOU, Orsk, Orenburg region)
  2. Navryz (Navryz, Shahrinav region boarding school, The Republic of Tajikistan)
  3. Junior (Ochersk specialized school, Perm region)

The Top Three (Senior age category)

  1. Galaktika (Shatalovsky orphanage SOGBU, Smolensk region)
  2. Bars (Dzaus boarding school, South Ossetia)
  3. Dusti (Boarding School No.1, Dushanbe, The Republic of Tajikistan)

Best of the best:

Junior age category:

  • Goalkeeper — Egor Volkov (Zelenyi Ostrov, Orphanage No.1 MOGKU, Magadan region)
  • Defender — Anjelika Zaripova (Totem, Krasnoyarsk orphanage No.1 KGKU, Krasnoyarsk)
  • Forward — Timofey Bubnov (Junior, Ochersk specialized school, Perm region)
  • Striker — Zieviddin Karimov (Navryz, boarding school of Shahrinvask region, Republic of Tajikistan)
  • Player — Vladislav Zubarev (Orenburzhye, Detskiy Dom GKOU, Orsk, Orenburg region)

Senior age category

  • Goalkeeper — Dmitriy Kuznetsov (Nadezhda, GKSUCH RSHOS named after N. A. Gallyamova, Kazan, Tatarstan)
  • Defender — Ekaterina Kukovina (Orly, Narushkinsk boarding school KOU OO, Orlov region)
  • Forward — Vladislav Rafikov (Nadezhda, GKSUCH RSHOS named after N. A. Gallyamova, Kazan, Tatarstan)
  • Striker — Hudobahi Rahimov (Dusti, boarding School No.1, Dushanbe, The Republic of Tajikistan)
  • Player — Rustam Prokofyev (Galaktika, Shatalovsky orphanage SOGBU, Smolensk region)
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