We have been holding the open Russian nationwide football tournament for teams from children’s homes and orphanages since 2005 to give every child left without parental care the chance to find their place in life and determine their own fate. Next year young footballers from 22 countries will have this opportunity when they take part in the Street Child World Cup: The Future Depends on You in Moscow.

Disadvantaged children need to have a voice in today’s society to ensure they have equal chances at success. Our tournament will make it possible to create a global platform to make this happen.

We are greatly looking forward to welcoming our new friends in Moscow and will make every effort to ensure that the first Street Child World Cup in Russia is a remarkable and memorable celebration for all those involved!

Sergey Soldatenkov
CEO, MegaFon

On behalf of the Russian Sports Ministry and myself personally I would like to greet the participants, organizers and guests of the Future Depends on You 2017 Russian nationwide football tournament for teams from children’s homes and orphanages.

This tournament has become a good tradition. Hosting this celebration of sport for children from different regions of Russia for whom football plays a special role generates a lot of positive emotions, allows them the opportunity to enjoy communicating with each other, helps make new friends and good memories and fill them with positive energy.

I am confident that the tournament will be well organized and fans will enjoy some exciting games on the field. To all tournament participants — have some great matches, get out there and win and have a great time!

Vitaly Mutko
Russian Sports Minister, 2012 — 2016

On behalf of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and myself personally, I welcome all participants, organizers and guests of the Future Depends on You open Russian nationwide football tournament for teams from children’s homes and orphanages.

It’s incredible that over its more than ten year history, the tournament has gone international and become a true celebration that unites us, removing geographical and cultural boundaries and bringing positive emotions for all those involved — the children, coaches, organizers, partners, guests and fans. We believe that such projects need to be nurtured because they are not only full of the spirit and thrill of the sport and the game but also develop values in the children such as honesty, determination and teamwork, which is important for their future life, whatever path they choose. This is why the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs will provide every support for this excellent project.

I would also like to say that, despite the value and significance of the main prize that awaits the tournament winners, for the children it is much more important that through this tournament they have found something they enjoy and have the chance to make new friends for life.

To all participants — enjoy the game you love, never give up and always follow your dreams!

Maria Zakharova
Director, Information and Press Department, Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry

Dear friends,

I am pleased to welcome you to the Future Depends on You open Russian nationwide football tournament for teams from children’s homes and orphanages.

Believe me, the names of many of our sporting greats were forged and made at local and regional tournaments like this. And I am sure that amongst you there are those who in future will be the pride not just of our city in national stadiums but also in international tournaments.

My wish is for you to have exciting games, for your coaches and mentors to be pleased with your performance and for you to win the medals you are hoping for. Good luck.

Leonid Slutsky
Head coach of CSKA in 2009 — 2016, head coach of the Russian national team in 2015 — 2016

Dear friends,

On behalf of the CSKA football club, I welcome all participants of the Future Depends on You tournament.

It is very important to play sport from early childhood, to be constantly improving yourself and striving to win. The dream of becoming a professional football player is not as distant and unachievable as it seems. You are already on the route towards it, you just need to achieve your potential and not stray from the path you have chosen.

My message to all participants is believe in yourself. I know you can do it!

Vasily Berezutsky
CSKA defender

This is the message to the hundreds of children competing in the Future Depends on You event. I want to say a big “Well done” for taking part and to all the organizers for the hard work. I hope you’ll have a great time and I wish you the best of luck. The future depends on you!

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Wayne Mark Rooney
Forward of Premier League club Everton (Liverpool), one of the top strikers of his generation,
one of Englandґs greatest ever players and all-time leading goalscorer

Dear children, Our future is actually the present. Tomorrow you will get back exactly as much as you invested today. You will encounter lots of obstacles on your way, you will make mistakes, but this is no reason to give up and forget and betray your dream.

I would like to wish you to always move forward, never give up, and achieve your goals, whatever happens in your life! The future depends on you!

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Irina Slutskaya
Figure skater, two-time medalist of the Olympic Games,
two-time world champion, seven-time European champion

Your every training and your every game changes your future. These are not just nice words – you have to work hard every day to achieve success. I know this through my own experience.

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Branislav Ivanović
Footballer, captain of the Serbian national team,
plays as a defender for FC Zenit Saint Petersburg

I am so happy that you play football! Everyone is responsible for what they do, and I hope that sport helps you to find your best route in the world. The circumstances and conditions of your birth are not important. It’s you who is responsible for your own future! May the strongest win!

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Giuliano Victor de Paula
Brazilian professional footballer, plays for Turkish Süper Lig
team Fenerbahçe and the Brazilian national team as an attacking midfielder

When you play sport, you have lots of opportunities to choose from! You will meet new people from different countries, of different nationalities and religions. You will have a chance to see the world, to get acquainted with other countries’ cultures, to visit new cities. You will learn how to lose and win, but most importantly – you will learn to fight with yourself. Remember: the future depends on you!

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Ilya Bryzgalov
Hockey player, medalist of the Olympic Games, Stanley Cup winner, world champion